The Clay Group‘s Business Development consultants work with you to identify target markets, craft channel programs and recruit key partners that grow your market presence and sales revenue.

Developing your business playbook and success systems are often overlooked steps in the business development process, but are necessary infrastructure in order for your business to continually grow. The Clay Group has built proven frameworks that will allow you to create a unique set of business rubrics and success systems for your company’s operation and effectiveness.

Business Challenges

Companies face major challenges in staying in business while maintaining their profitability and market share. The onset of fierce competition and disruptive change in business and technology forces companies to seek additional or alternative revenue streams through Business Development. Companies are further required to adapt their business models, or their product portfolio in order to defend their market position and maintain a competitive advantage over their peers. Identification of successful Business Development options remains a major challenge.

Benefits To The Client:

  • Introduction of new products and services aligned with your customers’ needs.
  • Enhancing business performance and profitability through the addition of new revenue streams.
  • Growth of market share from existing markets and entrance to new ones.
  • Sustaining competitive advantage.